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Manchester ASBOs

A man who bragged to a Manchester City Council officer about his involvement in the August riots has been banned from Piccadilly Gardens in the city centre.

Manchester City Council has obtained an ASBO against Cameron Tella, aged 22, of Fitton Avenue in Chorlton.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how Tella swore at a City Council officer in Piccadilly Gardens on Wednesday, August 10.

This was during a huge operation in which volunteers and City Council officers were cleaning up in the aftermath of the previous night’s riots.

He also told the officer that he had been ‘robbing’ in the city centre on the previous evening and warned he would return that night to ‘smash the city up good style’.

The court also heard that Tella had a string of convictions for being involved in earlier incidents, including being found with cocaine while being treated at Manchester Royal Infirmary in March and racially abusing a man at a bus station in November 2010.

He had also threatened to attack paramedics with a baseball bat, had shouted and spat at a man in Piccadilly Gardens, and had burgled a house in Withington.

Tella could be sent to prison if he breaks the order, which also bans him from using racist or abusive language in public.

The City Council also obtained the country’s first ASBO following last summer’s disturbances, banning Jason Ulett from entering the city centre after he fought with a police officer outside a looted shop.

Councillor Paul Andrews, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhood services, said: “Some of the worst scenes of violence and disorder ever witnessed in Manchester were seen during last August’s riots, but we also saw some of the city’s best examples of community spirit when people came out onto the streets to clean up in the riot’s aftermath.

“Tella was stupid enough to try and mar this day of community action by bragging about his involvement in the riots to a City Council officer. I’d ask anyone to contact the police straight away if he is also stupid enough to break his order by going back to Piccadilly Gardens.”

Meanwhile, a man who spent months harassing staff at Manchester city centre’s tribunals service has been banned from going near the building.

Sami Aman, aged 29, has been given an ASBO banning him from the entire block around the HM Courts and Tribunals Service on Mosley Street.

The order bans him from entering York Street, a stretch of Mosley Street and the bus station on Piccadilly Gardens – meaning staff from the Tribunals Service will be able to leave work and catch buses without being harassed by Aman.

Managers at the Tribunals Service on Piccadilly Plaza banned Aman from entering the building last November after he had behaved abusively towards administrative and security staff there over a period of several months.

He had no reason to enter the building, but had previously had an appeal heard there.

However, he returned and began attempting to go through the airport style security arch leading into the court building.

When security guards told Aman he wasn’t allowed into the building, he became aggressive and tried to push his way through the arch.

He then shouted threats at staff, smashed the front door against the wall, and began kicking it.

Aman received a conditional discharge for the incident during a court hearing on January 11, when he also received the ASBO. Aman could be sent to jail if he breaks the two-year order by returning to the centre.

The court heard that Aman regularly shouted abuse and threats at staff working at the Tribunals Service as they left work and went to get buses on Piccadilly Gardens.

Cllr Paul Andrews said: “Aman’s behaviour was completely unacceptable, and nobody should have to put up with being harassed or abused while at work, or on their way to and from work.

“This ASBO is good news for people working at the tribunals service, and I’d like to urge anyone who sees this man breaching the conditions of the order to call the police.”

Inspector Darren Kershaw from the city centre neighbourhood policing team said: “This is a great example of partnership working to keep people who are involved in anti social behaviour out of the city centre. This sort of behaviour won’t be tolerated in our community.”


And a woman who stole booze and cigarettes from a looted shop during August’s riots has been banned from Manchester city centre.

Manchester City Council obtained an anti social behaviour order (ASBO) against Linda Boyd, of Acomb Street in Hulme, during a hearing at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday October 25.

Boyd, aged 31, who did not turn up to the hearing, is now banned from going anywhere within the inner ring road.

She was convicted of theft and given a suspended prison sentence after being caught with a large amount of tobacco and bottles of alcohol stolen from a shop on Hanover Street, Shudehill, during the August riots.

Boyd also has a long history of convictions for shoplifting going back several years, including stealing from the Arndale Centre’s Poundland store in March, stealing from the Co-op in High Street in February, and stealing from JD Sports in the Arndale in January.

The order, which lasts until October 2016, also bans her from remaining in any shop or other commercial premises if asked to leave by staff.

Boyd could be sent to prison if she is found to have broken either of these conditions.

Manchester City Council recently took out the first ASBO against somebody convicted in connection with the August riots, banning Jason Ulett of Ancoats from the city centre.

Councillor Paul Andrews, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhood services, said: “We have already seen a strong reaction to the riots by Manchester residents, Greater Manchester Police and the courts, and the city council will continue to issue ASBOs against those responsible.

“The message is simple – if you attempt to ruin our city centre, you are not welcome here.”


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