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Explained: What is a Network Enclave?

Network Enclaves, sometimes referred to as security enclaves, can have some notable benefits for your company. They can considerably improve Cyber Security, but what do they actually involve? Read our explanation below to find out.


What do we mean by “Enclaving”?

A network enclave is a segment of an internal network that gets separated from the rest of your digital infrastructure. Access is subsequently defined by a set of common security policies. Indeed, it utilises Common Cyber Security Measures like firewalls and VPNs. The general purpose of this is to safeguard critical computing devices even further than typical network security policies would allow.


How does this differ from Network Segmentation?

Given that the enclave gets separated from your company’s main network, many draw comparisons to another cyber security measure: segmentation. However, whilst it shares similarities such as the use of firewalls and VLANs to protect data, there are some crucial differences.

For instance, despite the name, the degree of segmentation actually tends to be much greater with network enclaves. In addition, they often have tighter access measures, using identity measures as well as network addresses. Thus, network segmentation is primarily for the protection of assets against external threats, whereas enclaves prevent internal attacks and help to limit the damage of outside breaches.


The benefits of a Network Enclave

The main reasons that your company should consider implementing a network enclave system include:

Segments and protects individual sections of your network

Enhancing cyber security from external threats

Limiting the damage from breaches by making your network harder to navigate

Protecting sensitive data from potential internal dangers

Adds complexity to your network, which can encourage Digital Security Training


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