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ATM warning

Police are warning residents to be vigilant when using cash machines to withdraw money. Criminals travelling across West Yorkshire and into neighbouring counties are using various tricks to target unsuspecting people using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Detective Sergeant Andy Greatorex of City and Holbeck CID, said: “Various devices are used to carry out this type of fraud. Some of the techniques include attaching a plastic strip over the cash dispenser slot. To the untrained eye this device just appears to be part of the machine. The transaction goes through but the money remains trapped behind the device.”
“Always check the cash dispenser before withdrawing money and if in doubt use another one.”
Other techniques can be more complex but equally devastating.
“Another device is a magnetic box attached to the casing of the machine with a recording device in it,” added DS Greatorex.
“These devices then allow the criminal to get the PIN number of the unsuspecting user.”
“A second device is then attached to the card reader slot which keeps the card.”
There are number of techniques people can use to try and prevent the chances of becoming a victim.

• If there are any loose or ill fitting parts to the machine then do not use it and report it to the management where it is fitted.
• Do not use the ATM if there are any people hovering nearby or giving you ‘advice.’
• Always shield and protect your PIN number when using the machine. Remember – even if nobody is near the ATM a recording device may be covertly attached.
• ATMs based in banks and shops tend to be less of a target due to the potential CCTV inside.


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