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Case Studies

X-Ray cargo screening

A freight forwarding company, Freightnet Handling, has installed the first 320Kv X-Ray security screening device in the UK. This allows the company to detect via screening previously non-detectable threats within large and dense cargo. Such cargo was previously impenetrable to full depth, the product company adds.

The X-Ray security screener has been supplied by Totalpost Services Plc and is made by Astrophysics Inc. It is one of only a half dozen supplied worldwide of this level of power output of security screening machine. This 320Kv device enables the operative to see more deeply and clearly into a screened object. In particular it is said to be efficient in screening items such as liquid drums and metals.

The types of cargo that Freightnet is typically using the machine to screen is chemical drums, powders, oil filled equipment, motorbikes, generators and pumps. They can even screen whole tractors.

This type of freight screening would previously have been delayed. Lower penetration screening devices simply cannot handle the density of such items. This means that these items of cargo have traditionally had to be screened manually. This involved gaining customer permission and separately opening the items for checking; and took time. However, this machine provides a clear image to a much higher penetration and so, in most cases, avoids the need for secondary screening, the makers add.

Daz Salmon, Aviation Security Consultant at Freightnet said: “Our priority is passenger safety, and this machine helps us to improve this because our security screening operatives can see so much more using this machine.

“The nearest power output level available commercially in the UK market is a 200Kv X-Ray security screening device. We have historically used this level of machine, but increasingly we were aware that we needed to invest in a higher powered machine in order to be able to deal with demand for screening high density cargo.”

Adam Bacon, Managing Director at Freightnet Handling also added: “Totalpost is the only UK X-Ray security screening provider to offer a 320Kv X-Ray security screening device. Put simply this machine enables us to efficiently screen cargo that no other freight forwarding agent can currently clear via X-Ray. This machine has enhanced our capacity. On the busiest day we’ve had so far, this machine screened half a million tonnes of freight in a single day.”

The makers add this large scale machine is designed for use in the cargo industry. It has an internal tunnel size of 180 x 180 cm and a low conveyor for loading. The length of the machine is the same as a standard bus, and theoretically three smart cars could fit end to end inside the machine (although cars are screened differently).

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