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Water site CCTV

Twelve months ago, Secure Engineering won the tender to extend the existing camera system at one of the largest water sites in the UK.

The Kent-based installers say that they knew the site (pictured) well, having worked alongside the water company for all of their 25 years in the electronic security industry. The site has more than 40 analogue cameras, and needed nine new ones to be used mainly for process monitoring, and for security. Secure Engineering says that it looked at the site holistically, working out how the cameras could be used to be IP compatible, with opportunities for the other analogue cameras to be updated when budgets allowed.

Water sites can be somewhat harsh places, with spray, dust and dirt potentially risking image quality. The installer says that infrared LED cameras with integrated wiper facilities were needed, to keep images clear in all weather and lighting.

Installed were a Dallmeier network video recorder (NVR), and nine new analogue cameras by Redvision, with IP encoders added to each one. The cameras were linked with an eight-core fibre optic cable, configured in a self-healing ring network for uninterrupted service. This provides the beginning of a new modular system, which the remaining analogue cameras can be added to over time. This work phase nears completion, and will be completed early this year.


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