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Case Studies

Warehouse CCTV

The Oldham-based distribution centre of JD Williams, the fashion retailer, has had CCTV fitted by Chubb Fire & Security Limited. The system, which is deliberately visible at the retailer’s request, is designed to deter intruders from attempting to break in.

The 150-year-old building is one of JD Williams’ foremost distribution centres. To the south of the original building is a recently-completed high-bay lorry unit, and at the far end of the site is perimeter line that has a public footpath nearby. Hence, the site is in close proximity to the public.

JD Williams selected Chubb on competitive tender. The system has ten external CCTV cameras with video analytics software that use intelligent algorithms to detect humans and ignore environmental disturbances, such as moving vegetation and animals.

The cameras are supported by wireless passive infra-red (PIR) sensors that detect when an intrusion has occurred, and automatically trigger floodlights and a pre-recorded message to notify intruders that they have been seen.

Bob Nuttall, Security Operations Manager at JD Williams, said: “We wanted an obvious security solution as a preventative measure to deter illegal activities first and foremost, and selected Chubb on the basis of its high level of service, first class back-up support and cost. Our new system is very obvious. It is painted bright red so it is clearly visible. It also creates plenty of noise and warnings, so that any potential intruders recognise their extremely high probability of being caught and so do not enter the site and cause damage in the first place.”


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