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Case Studies

Servator video

Begun in North Yorkshire in April 2017, as elswhere Servator sees visible and covert police officers deploy, to deny, detect and deter criminal and terrorist activity in ‘crowded places’, in the jargon.

A video covers how other resources such as dogs, firearms, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), air support, mounted officers and CCTV are used alongside other partners such as the York Minster (pictured) Police, the historic force early this year given police powers within the cathedral precincts; the Royal Military Police (at Catterick barracks) and businesses’ security staff.

The force reports that it has deployed the initiative as ‘business-as-usual’ on 50 occasions since its launch. These deployments are described as unpredictable and intelligence-led; and have resulted in arrests being made for thefts and drug offences during patrols and vehicle checks.

Servator counts on people living, working and visiting the county as extra eyes and ears for the police. Police report an increase in reports of suspicious activity from both businesses and communities where Project Servator has been deployed.

Supt Mark Grange, who appears in the film and is North Yorkshire Police’s Operational Policing Training Lead and Strategic Lead for Project Servator, said:

“We have been deploying Project Servator in busy town centres and crowded places since we launched the initiative in April 2017. We have produced a short film to depict how Project Servator draws on a number of tactics to enhance our existing tactics in a bid to deny, detect and deter a wide range of criminality whilst reassuring the public.

“For those who are not aware of it the film also aims to introduce businesses and the local community to the concept of Project Servator to help to explain the vital role that they have to play. Today [August 22] marks our 50th Project Servator deployment and demonstrates our commitment to continue rolling it out on a regular, but unpredictable basis, to keep our county safe and secure.”

Visit northyorkshire.police/servator.


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