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Case Studies

Servator at Sizewell

Sizewell on the Suffolk coast is the latest and last nuclear site where the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) has gone live with the Project Servator operational patrol deployments method. Police officers are deployed at unpredictable times and places to best disrupt hostile reconnaissance – the information-gathering that terrorists and other criminals need to do to plan their activity. Servator besides provides visible reassurance to the public; and encourages communities – in this case around nuclear power stations – to report any suspicious activity.

As featured in three issues of Professional Security magazine in spring 2017, Servator was launched by CNC at Sellafield in Cumbria (pictured). Begun by the City of London Police in early 2014, Servator tactics are now used by 23 UK police forces – and as featured by Professional Security over the years, at airports, shopping malls and railway stations and public spaces generally – and New South Wales Police in Australia.

Supt Donna Jones, who is the CNC lead for Project Servator, said: “I am pleased that we have successfully rolled out Project Servator to all ten of our OPUs [Operational Policing Units] and our communities now have even more reassurance that we are using every tool at our disposal to keep them safe.

“The tactics used in Project Servator are not new but allow us to utilise the communities and businesses around our locations to hear about anything unusual that might be going on. The deployments are unpredictable – we can turn up anywhere at any time. The aim is to work with our local communities to disrupt any hostile threat. Remember, together, we’ve got it covered – report any suspicious activity directly to the CNC by calling 03303 138146.”

About the CNC

It’s the 100pc armed police force in charge of protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear materials in England, Scotland and Wales. Visit

Where to report

If you see or hear something unusual or suspicious, in an emergency dial 999. Or, report it in confidence at or on 0800 789 32.


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