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Safe place

A scheme to keep vulnerable people with learning disabilities safe, is to be launched in Wolverhampton city centre. The idea of the Safe Place scheme is that disabled people can, if they become distressed or are in trouble, enter a premise that displays the ‘Safe Place’ logo knowing that the person there will be able to help them with making a phone call or offer a temporary safe place for them to seek help.

Created by The People’s Parliament and supported by Wolverhampton Police and Safer Wolverhampton Partnership, shops and business are encouraged to sign up to the scheme if they can promise to offer shelter and assistance to disabled residents who may need help. Those taking part will be easily identifiable by displaying the Safe Place sticker in their windows. Information packs have been designed so that shops and businesses fully understand how the scheme works and what they are expected to offer.

Any community members who would like to be part of the scheme only have to carry a Safe Place card that is available from the Partnerships Team at Wolverhampton police station.

Inspector Phil Rogers, from Wolverhampton partnerships team, said: “We are committed to keeping our communities safe and improving the lives of local people. With this in mind we are launching the Safe Place scheme to help people with a disability feel safer within their community. So far, we have had a tremendously positive response from local businesses and I am very grateful for the support that they have shown to enable us to launch the scheme. There are plans to expand the scheme across Wolverhampton’s neighbourhoods, so if anyone is interested in taking part I would encourage them to get in touch for further details.”

Mark Humphries, the project development officer for Changing our Lives organisation, said: “The aim of the scheme is to help people with a learning disability feel safer in the city by creating a network of safe places.

“Every person with a learning disability in Wolverhampton will be issued with a Safe Place card on which they can put their name and the contact details of a family member or carer. If they become a victim of crime, a victim of hate crime or are in fear for their safety, they can go into a Safe Place shop or venue and know the staff there will assist them to get help.

“This simple yet effective scheme will encourage people into their community as they know they will be able to access a greater level of support, should they need it.”


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