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PIR camera for defibrillator cabinet

The yellow boxes holding defibrillators have become a familiar sight, on UK high streets, and in public places generally.

Many require you to phone a number to gain access to the life-saving device. These can be crucial minutes lost in a life or death situation. Glendale were tasked with finding a solution to the potential mis-use of defibrillator cabinets, if they were left fully accessible. Kinross-based Glendale’s Director Ian Spowart came across the OCULi wireless passive infra-red (PIR) camera via their distributor, DVS, based in Wales.

OCULi is a battery powered, stand-alone PIR camera so can be installed where traditional powered CCTV cannot be used, say the manufacturer Luminite. OCULi sends footage of any alarm event over the 3G network – such events can be viewed within seconds on a mobile phone or via the OCULi monitoring portal. Glendale modified the unit so it could be placed within the cabinet; and report that incidents of mis-use have already declined. Hence this life-saving equipment is available in case of heart attacks within seconds.

Ian said: “All of our staff here at Glendale have thoroughly enjoyed working with this new piece of equipment in the new local project. This defibrillator will save lives, although we hope it never has to be used, we know it will be protected by the Oculi camera. This camera will have so many applications that we look forward to exploring. It will only take a short period of time to install this excellent piece of equipment and this camera is allowing immediate access to the unit saving those valuable minutes. We cannot thank the staff at Luminite enough for all of their assistance in helping with this amazing project.”

And Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics said: “We are delighted that Glendale have found this innovative use for OCULi. We have been busy promoting OCULi as a wireless security solution for construction sites, vacant properties and farms but Ian saw the product and immediately thought creatively about its capabilities. We look forward to exploring new and exciting projects with the Glendale team.”


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