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Landmines app

A former landmines instructor for the UK military, Richard Stevens, has drawn on 22 years of experience to create the first landmine awareness smart phone application, aimed at travellers to affected regions. Featuring images and details of mines by type, function and country, how to spot the indicators and what to do if you should find yourself in a minefield, the iPhone Mines Awareness App provides advice for untrained civilians and training support for military personnel. 


Stevens says: “When landmine training is  provided as part of a hostile environment training package, its often sandwiched between countering improvised explosive devices and first aid for major trauma injuries. its importance can be diluted amongst all this other lifesaving information. The Landmine Awareness app provides instant, easy access to the facts as and when they are most needed.” 


Until his retirement in 2011 Warrant Officer Richard Stevens of the British Army Royal Engineers was also head instructor of the UK Mines Information Training Centre, responsible for training and technical advice for the Ministry of Defence and Government.   Much of his time was spent in Afghanistan instructing fellow soldiers on how to clear routes of explosive devices and landmines.  He has just returned from Libya as a private Explosive Ordnance Disposal consultant. 


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