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JDI crime briefs

JDiBrief is an online library of one-page briefing notes about crime and security problems, and analytical techniques that can be applied.

The notes are produced by the UCL (University College London) Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science staff, associates and students. For instance, metal theft:

Metal theft is common and costly. It refers to incidents in which items are stolen for the value of their constituent metals. Such items vary enormously, from air conditioning units being stolen for their copper tubing to the theft of catalytic converters for their palladium, radium and aluminium. The absence of a specific metal theft crime category limits the confidence we can place in estimates on the extent of the problem. Nonetheless, regional, national and international figures suggest large increases in the volume of metal theft over the past decade, largely attributed to steep increases in the price of many metals.

For the briefing note in full visit the JDI website –

And briefly, the JDI seeks ways to cut crime and increase security, drawing upon related disciplines, including architecture, economics, engineering, geography, medicine, psychology, statistics and town planning. For more about the Jill Dando Institute visit


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