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Case Studies

Holography awards

The first of four new denomination series C banknotes released into circulation for the Bank of Israel (pictured) were winners of the Best Applied Security Product category at the recent Holography Awards 2015.

Produced with Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG the banknotes carry Kurz’s KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe featuring vibrantly coloured bold designs from the KINEGRAM origination process, which are combined with physical principles and materials different from typical holographic foils. Also commended was Holostick India Ltd for its ‘Afzal Inner’ hologram for export tobacco pouches.

Another security application also won the Innovation in Holographic Technology award – China’s Zhongchao Special Security Technology Co Ltd, a division of China Banknote Printing & Minting Corporation, with its ColorDance™ product, designed for banknote security stripes. This new type of optical anti-counterfeiting technology differs greatly from traditional holography by containing special optical micro-nanostructures showing novel optical effects such as dynamic image with full parallax and steady colour.

The awards at the Holography Conference in Shanghai and saw holography companies recognised for excellence and technology. Posthumous recipient of the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation was Wayne Tompkin Ph.D, Head of Optical Technology for OVD Kinegram Corp.

After a career in holography spanning over 25 years, Wayne was responsible for the development and origination of many of OVD’s KINEGRAM® projects for the protection of banknotes, ID documents, and brand protection. Wayne also authored more than 25 papers, and his technical expertise has been recognized in over 400 patents worldwide.



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