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Case Studies

FC United stadium

After sharing multiple stadia around Manchester between their founding in 2005 by Manchester United supporters, FC United of Manchester opened their own ground, Broadhurst Park in May 2015.

The new stadium, pictured, is in Moston to the north west of the city centre, and is the first new ground to be built and funded by a supporter-owned football club. During the building, a mix of an analogue CCTV system was installed and supported by onsite manned security 24-7. The club reviewed security and associated costs, and contacted a local security company, Bluegrain Ltd. Heywood, Lancashire-based Bluegrain Ltd worked with the security product distributor COP Security to review the site and options. Bluegrain Ltd proposed replacing the analogue system and install some Dahua IP smart cameras. The high resolution images and network capability meant no further manned guarding was required.

As the earlier CCTV was fitted and run with coaxial cable, COP recommended using the IP over coax converters. This would allow Bluegrain Ltd to use the smart features on the Dahua IP cameras.

Mark Daly, Technical Director at Bluegrain Ltd said: “One of the biggest challenges we faced was the legacy system being wired using coaxial cable, with some of the longest runs reaching up to 500 metres. The IP over coax converters were a perfect solution for us and allow us to utilize the extra features of the IP kit. With the cameras built in smart features we can create zones designed to detect intruders at any time of day. Tie that in with the CMS software, and we can offer round the clock protection.”

Like any other sports ground or site out of hours, FC United may face vandalism when the stadium is closed. The new install allows Bluegrain to monitor the site around the clock using the remote client management software (CMS) and set up perimeter alerts. Once an object enters into a pre-set area Bluegrain’s control centre is notified and can view real time live images. Then the CCTV operators can determine if security is required to attend the scene.

Lee Gardiner, Sales Executive at COP said: “Bluegrain approached us to assist in the upgrade of an existing installation. After hearing the clubs specific requirements we quickly realised the system needed to be IP, even after hearing coax cable was already in place. The flexibility of the Dahua range means we were able to provide a solution.”

Damien Chadwick, CEO of FC United said: “The upgrade has been great for the club! Not only have we improved our overall security package, but because we don’t need on site security 24/7 we will save a great deal in the future.”

About the firms

Bluegrain Ltd offer manned security personnel, and 24-hour CCTV monitoring services. Cop Security are a trade only distributor offering CCTV products and service and support. Contact COP Security on 01457 874 999 or visit


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