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Case Studies

Essex spray scheme

In Essex a residents association is using a marking product scheme to catch burglars who steal from homes, sheds and garages in Thorpe Bay.

The Burges Estate Residents Association (BERA) is making SelectaDNA property marking kits available to local residents to mark household such as TVs, jewellery, garden tools and other expensive goods. The product is almost invisible when applied and does not damage the property.

Mike Stafford, treasurer for Burges Estate Resident Association, said: “By buying the product in bulk we are able to offer this at a competitive rate to those requiring it. By security marking the more valuable items in your home they become less attractive as most items stolen are sold on to obtain cash. Once an item has been security marked with SelectaDNA the marking is virtually impossible to remove – so should your property be burgled the item will always be identifiable and linked back to the owner.

“The kit is supplied complete with stickers for the item, and window stickers to warn possible intruders that your property is security marked. Although burglaries are very rare in our area, using this product and the stickers is a great deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime.”

The use of the marking product has come about as a result of the organisation working with neighbourhood constable, PC Warren Lamb, to find ways to combat burglars.

PC Lamb added: “I thank the residents association for their support in rolling SelectaDNA out to the community, it is a proven way to reduce burglaries. One burglary is one too many for us, so we are doing everything we can to prevent it. No burglar wants to be caught with DNA-coded property, so with this system, and correct signage, property will be less attractive to potential thieves.”


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