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Doors for care home

A residential care home, The Grange, has recently had an access control system with integrated automatic swing doors, the DORMA MATRIX Professional, installed by DORMA. After redevelopment of the three residential care wings in Bookham, the project team needed to source a range of modern doors that would accommodate individuals with restricted mobility that may struggle operating heavy, non-automatic doors.

Adrian Cotton, Head of Housing & Development at The Grange said: “We already had a variety of DORMA solutions in place, so we were confident that the company had the range of door solutions that would meet our particular requirements and it was also very important for us to partner with a reliable and trusted brand.”

Given the nature of the site it was crucial to meet the Equality Act 2010. As such, three sets of automatic swing doors were installed. However the security of the residents was also crucial. Therefore the doors were connected to the MATRIX Professional access control system. Residents present their fob at one of the proximity wall readers to enter the building. A number of XS-PRO Cylinders were also integrated within the access system and fitted into the locking cylinders of various doors accessed by staff.

Adrian added: “For our residents and staff usability is key. DORMA’s automatic swing doors and access control solutions achieve the necessary balance between ease of use, safety and security. The access control system also provides us with greater flexibility and control as we were able to programme the fobs with different access rights for staff and for residents. Now, as the MATRIX Professional software is maintained in-house, we can effectively manage who enters what part of the facility and change the access rights of any fob if we need to.”

For a high traffic environment such as The Grange it was also important that long-lasting doors were installed, the makers add. DORMA was also awarded the contract to provide on-going service and maintenance. Visit:


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