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Case Studies

CCTV by the book

South Shields Museum and Art Gallery has CCTV to secure a sought-after manuscript.

Sunderland-based Hadrian Technology installed the cameras in advance of the museum’s ‘The Boldon Book’ exhibition, which runs until November. Arts Council England, which arranged the loan of the ancient manuscript from The British Library to South Shields Museum and Art Gallery for the exhibition, stipulated that security for the 12th century artefact to go on display. South Shields Museum and Art Gallery asked Hadrian Technology to liaise with Arts Council England’s security consultants to design a system. The company then upgraded the museum’s standard multiplex system by installing new high-definition cameras in the shop and gallery that houses the Boldon Book. Hadrian fitted HD-SDI cameras from distributor Videcon’s Concept Pro range, which provide an image quality that is clearer than Sky HD according to the companies. Using existing analogue cables for the installation meant that there was no need for disruption with building work to lay down new networks, or the added cost of laying down new lines.

Gary Trotter, general manager at Hadrian, said: “South Shields Museum and Art Gallery required a top-of-the-range CCTV system that would protect the manuscript for the duration of the loan. As well as the impressive image quality, the cameras can also be linked up to smart phones, tablets and laptops so that museum staff can access footage from wherever they are.” And Trevor Wilson, customer facilities manager for South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, said: “The new CCTV system was a pre-requisite for the loan of the manuscript, but having a state-of-the-art system will certainly benefit us in the longer-term. We often have high value items on display and, as our exhibitions attract a high number of visitors, having access to high-quality footage will be helpful in case of any incidents.

“We were really pleased with the recommendations we received from Hadrian Technology following their liaison with Arts Council England, and with how quickly and efficiently they installed the new system. It will be a valuable asset to the museum and our staff going forward.”



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