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Top Security Industry Predictions for 2022

The last two years have been filled with uncertainty due to the unpredictable effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, as 2021 comes to an end, what potential trends in the security industry can we identify for next year? So today, similarly to Last Year’s Business Security Predictions, we’ve found a few potential areas to look out for in 2022.


1. Shifting Attacks and Data Breaches

Recently, cyber attackers have begun to shift focus away from breaching digital corporate infrastructure and towards individual staff members. This is because hackers have been finding more success going after employee devices such as smartphones and unprotected laptops or personal networks. Thus, personal online security will need to be given more attention in the next 12 months.


2. Passwordless Authentication

Many companies are citing Passwordless Authentication as the Future of Business Security. And, given the above trend, this opinion can be justified as a possible direction for 2022.

The removal of passwords and the introduction of multi-factor authentication is an effective way of protecting employee accounts and limiting network access. Whilst the switch to a passwordless system might be slow, its adoption by companies such as Microsoft suggests the transition is already underway.


3. New Data Protection

The safety of people’s health-related data is likely to gain more attention in the coming year, with more and more of this information becoming digitised. The debate as to which regulations should be applied healthcare apps has led to the new data protection laws in the US, and scrutiny on the matter could persist into 2022.


4. Physical Security Changes

The emergence of remote working since the Covid-19 Pandemic began has meant that companies have realised they need security beyond the business’ physical location. As a result, security teams should become more mobile over the next few years, and new technology such as facial recognition for employees might grow in popularity.


5. Modernising Home Security

Finally, the measures that many individuals use to protect their homes will continue to reach new levels of sophistication. Smart Home Security products are likely to see increased demand, whilst newer trends such as Protecting Home Network Security should carry over into next year and beyond.


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