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October 2020 edition

Now landing on desks is the October 2020 print edition of Professional Security magazine. As ever since lockdown was announced in mid-March, editions have been tracing how security set-ups have been adapting to the coronavirus; and how pre-covid crimes and wrong-doing are carrying on, regardless of the virus, meaning that assets still need protection.

Our main feature charts the work so far by stadium and venue security and other managers to make possible the first trial events of covid-secure sports matches – which sports remain keen to progress with, despite the UK Government’s ‘rule of six‘ as enforced from mid-September (covering England).

As our regular contributor Robert Hall of Resilience First points out, economic and other pressures are building which may mean the UK has potential for civil unrest. We’ve put together two pages on body-worn video, as worn by security and non-security front-line staff to deter acts of aggression.

While conferences and expos have not been able to go ahead, with little prospect of them returning either, the security and related sectors have been well served with webinars to keep updated; notably Prof Martin Gill’s 50-plus and counting Perpetuity Research / OSPAs series of Tuesday and Thursday afternoon webinars with international speakers (and audiences). In the October issue we feature the one on high rise buildings, and the work by building security managers on making sites ready for a return to work, while still controlling access.

We digest a Security Institute webinar by consultant and Institute Fellow Sarah Austerberry CSyP, on culture – stressing the need for consistent communication by heads of security when putting corporate or other security messages across to non-security employees, and an appreciation of what we define as culture in a workplace or organisation.

We return to a subject in the September print edition, of diversity and inclusion in the security profession; and visit Essex to hear how a guarding company aims to act. Talking of Essex, we visit another guard firm at its base on an industrial park to see how it’s gone on since we last called there, on the day of the Brexit vote result, in 2016. The most visible site security problem we were told about then, has been largely resolved thanks to partnership working, we’re told.

We also keep our eyes and ears open around London to sketch how security officers at all levels are coping during the unprecedented months of coronavirus. Plus we bring all the regulars – magazine MD Roy Cooper’s page of gossip, about and for installers, manufacturers and distributors; four pages of new products and services; a book review page; and four pages of ‘spending the budget’.

If you’d like to have a copy delivered, email your address to [email protected] To view the edition online for free, and past editions, visit the ‘magazine‘ part of the website.


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