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June 2018 print issue

Now landed on desks is the June 2018 print issue of Professional Security magazine. We return to hotels, and not only because the Hilton in downtown Glasgow was the latest venue for our Security TWENTY series of conference-exhibitions, on May 1.

The many splendid London hotels are part of the attraction for well-heeled visitors; fine service, impeccably helpful and well-dressed doormen. Security of hotels takes more than top coats and shined shoes. The terror attacks of 2017, while not new, were a reminder of how extreme threats can be. Always, as elsewhere, Security has to be done with good customer service in mind. We attended a recent and ground-breaking conference covering hotel security, and heard of the issues specific to hotels (part of the hospitality sector) and how many questions for hotel security apply equally to other arms of security (such as, how to benchmark good practice, so that hotels themselves and customers know ‘what good looks like’).

We report on that latest ST18 event from Scotland, and look ahead to the next, at Harrogate on Thursday, July 5. The opening speaker at Glasgow was Gordon MacKenzie, head of security services at Strathclyde University in the city, giving an update on campuses. Speaking afterwards to Professional Security, he spoke more fully about something he mentioned in passing in his talk; a campus-specific course for university security officers, to be offered through the exam awarding body Highfield. Strathclude’s security operations manager Paul Smith has written most of the course, backed by 13 of Scotland’s 15 universities. Trainers have been trained locally, and the course is being externally verified. “It’s quite an exciting project,” said Gordon.

The June 2018 edition also features our regular contributor Una Riley, who tells us about a recent gathering of some of the judges of the 2018 WiS (Women in Security) awards – you have until Friday, August 10 to enter any of the four categories, and winners are announced at an evening in London in September. Plus our preview of the IFSEC 2018 exhibition, pages of new products and services and ‘spending the budget’, and pages about installers, and network security.

You can read the edition and previous months online at the ‘magazine‘ part of the website.

Picture by Mark Rowe; signage, Holburn, central London.


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