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Event Security Preparations Underway

Whilst doubts remain on when further lockdown restrictions can be eased, preparations are being made for the return of Event Security. At the time of writing, all lockdown restrictions are set to end on the 21st of June, with a decision on whether to delay this coming possibly a week prior. But, regardless of when the rules change, event organisers are getting security measures in place. So, by planning for a variety of outcomes, here’s how the return of large-scale activities could be done with as much safety as possible.


What are the preparations?

Pilot Events

The most publicised event planning that has been undertaken in the last few months is undoubtedly the launch of pilot tests. These have seen various approaches to Covid-19 security, with different social distancing, ventilation and testing practices. Thus, one of the aims is to find the most effective way to manage any large-scale events that are potentially undertaken after the 21st of June or later in the Summer.


Plans for continued mask-wearing

With so much uncertainty still ahead for event security, many organisers are preparing staff with possible mask policing measures. As it’s predicted that mask-wearing may be continued well beyond 2021, event planners are ensuring that they’re prepared to cooperate with any such rule extensions by the government. Technology is even being considered by some event security teams to help enforce mask compliance.



Another potential rule that event security teams may need to consider is the possibility of requiring a negative test result from attendees to any large-scale activity. Pilot events operated with such rules, as did foreign travel, so preparations for such measures for events is likely to be essential.



Training Solutions are always a suitable option for event security preparations, and it is a vital part of current preparations. Security teams will need to be fully aware of venue layouts and how to keep people safe from both possible Covid-19 threats as well as the usual concerns surrounding events. After over a year without event security experience, teams are going to need to get the basics right and work around remaining government measures in order to be successful.


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