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Workforce admin

BioSec Group Ltd, the Hungarian company, has launched a workforce administration product, called BS Talent+. Based on palm vein recognition, it’s aimed particularly at places with a large and often changing workforce, such as security guards.

BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák said that the company’s main goal was to put an end to complicated and time-consuming workforce administration; from job application to administration, authentication, working time recording and accounting, personal history of employees, and authentication for security reasons. Employees can be biometrically enrolled in the agency’s database. Job applications can be done via a mobile app, where employees can sign up for the preferred job(s) within a few seconds.

The employer-user receives up to date information about the workers, including work history and information on whether a person is actually listed in the event’s database of employees, has a valid license and not on any blacklist.

Péter Györgydeák said: “One of the greatest benefits of biometrics is that there are no more compromises. The client does not have to choose between convenience, ease of use, speed or security. These can be all provided in one solution, in almost every fields of life for the widest user base.”


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