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Android terminal

Suprema, the biometrics and ID product company, reports that its SFU-S20 fingerprint modules are integrated into the new BioRugged LCC, a five-inch Android terminal from BioRugged, pictured. SFU-S20 is an FBI PIV and FAP20 certified USB fingerprint scanner designed to provide a biometric solution for identity management applications.

The SFU-S20 features an optical sensor with a larger platen and anti-spoofing (live fingerprint detection).

BioRugged LCC follows the release of the BioWolf LE rugged tablet earlier this year, offering a ruggedized option with the biometrics for mobile uses. BioRugged say that the LCC mobile Android platform is suitable for various application including biometric enrolment and registration of voters, workforce management, logistics, health care and banking.

The LCC features GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and a 2MP/8MP auto focus front-back camera. Battery power maximum uptime woffersith up to 150 enrolments per charge over 3/4G (LTE) or WIFI connections. The IP67 Rugged PDA comes with Gorilla Glass and NFC capability.

Integrated into Suprema’s BioStar 2 time management platform it enables the integration of mobile and static biometric terminals. BioRugged LCC can now perform biometric authentication and time management and has potential the firms say for building sites, outsourced security and cleaning services or any site where the workforce does not report at an office. GPS locations also adds another dimension to time and attendance (T&A) and workforce management which identifies fraud attempts and offers GIS data for real-time workforce location.

Upon launching in January 2017, BioRugged LCC has already shipped over 9000 units, for use in public and commercial projects including SIM card registration (telco-KYC) in Africa.

Hof Retief, CEO at BioRugged, said: “We are very excited about the BioRugged LCC, a truly versatile mobile platform secured by best fingerprint technology available today. The BioRugged LCC was engineered to be compatible in various scenarios in the Biometric mobile environment.”

And Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema, said: “BioRugged is our strategic partner and, at Suprema, we are proud of SFU-S20/S21 USB fingerprint module being featured on this new LCC. We look forward to working together on future innovations and will strive to deliver highest-standard biometrics for BioRugged’s customers.”



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