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Feature pack

Johnson Controls has released CEM Systems AC2000 v8.0 Feature Pack 1, which offers new features for the AC2000 access control system suite from CEM Systems. Also new is the CEM S700s serial intelligent reader.

Version 8.0 of Feature Pack 1 includes multi-language selection and an application search option as part of AC2000 Floatbar. Emerald audit history reports have been added for ‘Checklist’ and ‘Flight info’ so that reports can be run on the emerald access product’s transactions for checklists, gate allocations and flight selections. Also added is Rolling Transaction Display (RTD) within AC2000 Security Hub command and control application.

The S700s is described by the access product company as an intelligent reader and controller in a single device, removing the need for an extra control panel in the system design. Designed for use with the AC2000 access control and security management system, the S700s controls access to restricted areas while providing users with access control with a variety of door modes. The S700s can guide the user though intuitive graphical messages displayed via the reader LCD. A full offline database ensures the reader has up-to-date card data when operating in off-line mode.

CEM offers support for its S700 Exit Reader as an extension to the CEM Systems emerald intelligent access terminal, providing a similar look, feel and user experience across bi-directional doors. Visit


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