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Bodyguard hire points

If you are looking to hire your first bodyguard, if you need extra protection on a trip, or if you are looking for someone to look after your valuable assets – how do you to find the right person and make the right choice when it comes to safety. The ASA Group which offers VIP aircraft and security consulting services in Asia offers some pointers.

First, location makes a big difference when hiring a bodyguard. You must have an understanding of the threat and risk profile of the country and place that you are planning to go to. The economic stability of the country is also an important factor.

The Olympic Games in Rio last year are an example of why location should be on the top of the list when considering a bodyguard for hire. Brazil’s economic meltdown in June of 2016 slashed police budgets, the games took place in August with about 500,000 visitors arriving. For someone who is as well-known as Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, a trip to Rio would warrant bodyguards for hire, ASA suggests. You ought to weigh up the benefits of using locally based bodyguards over expat or outside agents.

As for experience, former military experience is not necessarily a 100 per cent go ahead. You should look for previous experience with an executive protection type position. For example, members of the British Royal Military Police (RMP) sometimes have duties similar to a corporate bodyguard; whereas experience of high-risk operations in Afghanistan or Iraq does not automatically qualify someone to do executive protection successfully in civilian, low threat environments. Special Forces skills are entirely different skills than are needed to accompany parents and their children while shopping in downtown Singapore. On the contrary, local knowledge becomes highly relevant; local language skills would be useful, and a non-threatening demeanor would allow for a better level of protection for the family.

For their 11 pointers in full visit the ASA Group website.


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