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Dallmeier explains the advantages of the multifocal sensor technology Panomera® for commercial and industrial applications.

With its patented multifocal sensor technology Panomera®, Dallmeier has opened up opportunities for totally new solutions in the video security sector. This unique camera technology is now available as the ideal model for commercial and industrial applications.

In contrast to single sensor cameras, the multifocal sensor technology provides a guaranteed constant resolution of at least 125 pix/m. This makes it possible to monitor large areas and distances from a single location, achieving this in real time with uniform image resolution, high dynamics and consistent focal depth.

Dieter Dallmeier, Founder and CEO of Dallmeier, explains the novel approach to solutions that Dallmeier is pursuing with the multifocal sensor technology: “Camera resolution alone is not decisive for image quality, but rather how many pixels per metre can be obtained. For observation you need 65 pixels/m, 125 pixels/m to recognize known persons and 250 pixels/m to identify unknown individuals – no matter how far away a particular person may be.“ And he adds: “The multifocal sensor technology opens up a huge market for planners and builders. An estimated 30 to 40% of all projects have not been put into reality to date, since conventional technology did not offer any fitting solutions for comprehensive surveillance of large areas or distances, for instance due to the necessary number of cameras or the infrastructure. And this is precisely where the multifocal sensor technology comes in.“

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