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When the Dust Settles

Author Lucy Easthope

ISBN No Hardback, 9781529358247

Review date 03/07/2022

No of pages

Publisher Hodder

Publisher URL

Year of publication 22/04/2022


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£ 20

For more about Lucy - visit

Lucy has featured twice in Professional Security; once as an author of a guide to resilience in higher education for the association of university chiefs of security, Aucso; and in August 2020.

You can freely listen through the BBC website to the serialisation of the book, as a Radio 4 'Book of the week', where Lucy reflects on 9-11; the Fukushima nuclear power station disaster, flooding, and the covid pandemic (when she was among academic advisers to UK Government); the subject of the page in the August 2020 Professional Security magazine.


The book has come out initially as hard back and ebook, each £20; paperback to follow.