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Security Supervision and Management

Author Edited by Sandi Davies

Reviewed on: 29/07/2015

Schools and the Problem of Crime

Author Stephen Boxford

Reviewed on: 29/07/2015

Cyber-Physical Attacks

Author George Loukas

Reviewed on: 29/07/2015

Handbook of the crimes of the powerful

Author Edited by Gregg Barak

Reviewed on: 24/07/2015

Securing the City

Author Edited by Kevin Lewis O’Neil...

Reviewed on: 22/07/2015

Dave Robertson: Fifty Years Remembered

Author Dave Robertson

Reviewed on: 16/07/2015

Securitization and Policing of Art Theft

Author John Kerr

Reviewed on: 16/07/2015

Information Security – A Practical Guide

Author Tom Mooney

Reviewed on: 16/07/2015

A History of the UK intruder alarm industry 1...

Author Mike Cahalane

Reviewed on: 15/07/2015