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Workforce Management

Mass notification platform

Vismo Notify is a mass notification platform for organisations to notify any or all members of staff during an emergency, when an incident is expected – or simply when updating staff with a new company policy. Irrespective of geographic range, large scale or localised, staff can be notified of an incident based on their proximity to it and risk levels they face.

The system – – allows organisations to greatly reduce and manage business and personal risks. When an incident occurs or is expected to occur, Vismo Notify enables organisations to act immediately and provide critically important notifications to their staff, including how to be as safe as possible until help arrives if it’s required. Notifications can be customised by management, who have full control over message content.

Message delivery methods include secure/encrypted delivery via the Vismo App or by email, SMS and Text to Voice. All or any of these options can be selected and used until a message is responded to if required. Response options ensure that a user can understand how safe an employee is or feels for auditability. The options are customisable.

Craig Swallow, Vismo CEO says: “In an ever changing world, more and more employers are keen to be more proactive with managing their risks relating to mobile or globally travelling staff. Vismo Notify ensures staff can be reached no matter where they are – at their office desk, working from home, travelling anywhere in the world – and at any time.

“As a company we already help hundreds of employers locate and protect their staff and therefore their business. Vismo Notify is a step up in that help. Its ease-of-use, resilience, security and effectiveness have been fully tested and proven under rigorous conditions across the world. Whether an organisation has company-wide news, or a critical incident happening, Vismo provides a simple and reliable system for organisations to use to send out information and guidance.

“Events and incidents can have a significant impact on organisations and employees, through personal risk, financial impact and risk to corporate reputation. Vismo Notify enables organisations to be prepared for when an incident occurs. It also allows them to focus on providing the accurate and critical information that employees require to advise them how to optimise their safety.”



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