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Wireless PIR detectors

The Genesis 2 wireless PIR detectors, from Luminite Electronics, have been shown to offer detection ranges of over 100m in controlled environments, the makers report. They company says that their passive infra-reds are suitable for large, indoor applications such as distribution centres, warehouses and industrial units, where lighting and climatic conditions are consistent.

The PIRs used black mirror optics for detection range and accuracy. The mirrors reflect an intruder’s body heat onto quad inline pyro-sensors, only raising an alarm if all the sensors activate. This quadruple detection trigger dramatically reduces false alarms and makes perimeter and boundary detection precise.

Graham Creek, pictured, MD at Luminite, says: “Luminite’sGenesis 2 PIRs can accurately detect intruders at over 60m, even when facing directly into the sun and regardless of target speed. However, in more controlled settings, the detection range can easily be increased to up to 100m by simple adjustment. By using our specialist mounting bracket, which allows two PIR detectors to be placed back to back, PIRs can look both ways to offer an accurate “curtain” detection span of up to a huge 200m.”

The black mirrors include an adaptive zoom focal length feature, which means the PIRs sense evenly over the detection range. They can distinguish between humans and animals for outdoor applications and also filter out unwanted light, such as glare from car headlights and the white light elements in reflected sun light. The PIRs are available in wired or wireless variants, for installation choice. The wireless product uses high-end radio communications to enable up to 64 PIRs within each product to communicate with a Masthead transceiver. Transmission distances are up to 1km; suitable it is claimed for use in large industrial and distribution applications.

The Genesis 2 has front access for on-site fitting and adjustment. It can be set up to look directly down or along a wall. The case is IP 65 rated for external use and made from weather-proof ABS. Battery life is up to two years using standard Alkaline cells, depending on settings and location. Lithium cells extend battery life further. The Genesis 2 can also take power from a 12v PSU, instead of batteries, if preferred.

Contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or visit for more information.


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