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Threat detection, image management

The latest TR15 + Smart Scan cabinet scanner from Todd Research provides threat detection and image management in cabinet scanners. The product has a new software platform and an intuitive user interface via a 22-inch touch screen monitor.

A digital camera and enhanced X-ray generator delivers the images, while the touch screen interface provides access to all tools for image processing. With its three-point density alert, operators can define the elements of a ‘suspect device’, such as metal components including detonators and batteries. The EPD (enhanced powder detection) software also allows greater recognition of ‘powder’ and bio threats.

Images are stored locally automatically or on an external hard drive for reference and verification. One touch email enables escalation of potential suspect images to security supervisers. The smart card login means the x-ray scanner can be configured to enable data collection of each user’s sessions. All user data, dates, operator login, name, session time, number of exposures made and log off time are captured in the Microsoft Access database.

Jason Wakefield, sales director at Todd Research, said: “With its small footprint, low maintenance costs and a host of detection features, the TR15 + Smart Scan should be the new scanning solution of choice for many organisations across the private and public sector. This latest offering packs more than 40 years of Todd Research security screening know-how into a compact and intuitive to use device.”



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