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Technocover at SCTX 2018

At SCTX 2018 next month, Technocover will show its UltraSecure and Sentinel brands for CNI sectors. On stand F72, Technocover will be showcasing its range of LPCB certified doors to security ratings SR2, SR3, SR4 and SR5, with certified entry and exit controls. Other exhibits include a security flush access cover system, with catchment tray designed to prevent contamination, and LPCB certified mesh cage system, kiosk, enclosure with security door sets, and louvre vents.

Visitors can see how Technocover’s above ground, below ground and building hardening security products offer physical protection, providing third party approved asset protection fully integrated with adopted site security systems.

Marking its 25th anniversary this year, Technocover is alongside other firms in the new Integrated Security Showcase at SCTX 2018. One of the company’s Sentinel enclosures, suitable for internal or external use, will be part of the integrated display of solutions. The enclosure will feature a single and twin-leaf door system with certified entry and exit controls plus louvre vents.

Various sectors within national infrastructure, the firm says, have growing requirements for security hardening, driving demand for government-listed, third party physical security access products with tested resistance to deter and mitigate the risk of unauthorised entry and attack.

About the firm

Established in 1993, the Mid-Wales based firm has UK Government-listed third party approved physical security including CPNI certified systems and a range of LPCB approved solutions. Its equipment is adopted by clients in the UK and overseas to protect critical assets across a range of applications. These include water, gas and electricity distribution, telecommunications, rail, energy, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, health estate, banking, and government sites.


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