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SR5 rated shutter

Charter Global reports that it has designed, made and launched the first SR5 Security Rated (5) Shutter. The ‘Obexion MD SR5’, pictured, is certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR5 and is designed to provide the highest level of security available for high risk locations such as critical national infrastructure (CNI), military and national security establishments as well as high value public and commercial premises.

The SR5 is designed to protect against a professional and sustained attempt to gain entry using a range of handheld high performance power tools including an 18v reciprocating saw and an angle grinder and must be able to withstand a total attack time of ten minutes. Obexion’s exclusive “Lockdown” technology means the SR5 requires no auxiliary locking system and the unique ‘profiles’ lock the shutters in any stop position, fully closed or not. This means the shutters cannot be forced open to gain entry, making them suitable the makers say as first point of entry for any facility.



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