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Retail banking white paper

A white paper on the changing nature of retail banking in the UK, using case examples to consider branch management and shifting customer expectations, has been brought out by Traka, the key and equipment management product company.

The white paper, titled: “Shaping the retail banking industry’ is now available to download and looks at factors influencing the sector, including the increasing expectations and values of customers demanding a more personalised branch experience. Incorporating analysis from financial services, including PwC, Accenture and Deloitte, the paper highlights the opportunities for innovation, with collaboration and adoption of new operational processes.

Says Mike Hill, Traka UK Market Development Manager and author of the white paper: “Against a backdrop of negative press concerning the state of UK high streets, the future for retail banking could arguably also be cited as bleak and in a state of industry disruption, as customers move towards a more mobile-connected lifestyle.

“However, our research in putting together this white paper tells a different story. That actually, the sector has a real chance to embrace the changes occurring and entice their customers, meeting demands for personal service. We found that brands riding the storm are taking small yet significant steps to tailor their services and make operational differences that are proving key to their success.”

The paper covers Traka’s experience with Nationwide Building Society to show how supporting operational efficiency can benefit banking staff and ensure they can focus on serving their customers, without compromising on security.

Mike added: “We have brought this white paper together using the latest research and intrinsic market reports, together with case evidence on the future of the retail banking industry and the issues faced by the sector to ensure long term success. Within this, we wish to stimulate debate and encourage views and contributions from as many different voices as possible. We look forward to your opinion, experience or comment on this matter of growing importance so together, we can look to support and shape the future of retail banking.”

The white paper “Shaping the retail banking industry’ is available to download at


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