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Perimeter intrusion range

G-fence is perimeter protection company Heras‘ latest perimeter intrusion detection solution (PIDS) range in the UK. Heras launched two variants, the G-fence 3000 and G-fence 600Z (pictured) at the International Security Expo 2018 at Olympia, London on November 28 and 29.

The G-fence is a range of electronic sensor systems that, once fitted along a fence line, are able to detect unauthorised access, for example where an intruder attempts to cut, pull on or climb a fence. Connected detectors along the fence, on each fence panel, monitor and analyse vibrations and movement across three axes and filter out false alarms caused by weather or passing vehicles, for example. Where an intrusion does occur, the nearest detector within a second transmits alarm information to a control room, indicating the location – within 3m – of the attempted intrusion.

G-fence 3000 provides protection for a fence line of up to 3200 metres (two miles), while the G-fence 600Z can be configured with up to ten alarm individual zones over a maximum 600m fence line. Other features include; solar powered controllers (on the Gfence 3000), anti-tampering protection and an integrated web server for set-up and diagnostics, including remote maintenance and time-stamped log. The perimeter security range is aimed at factories, transport and logistics, industrial and some critical national infrastructure sites.

Steve Dobby, Detection Product Manager at Heras says: “Many of today’s businesses consider perimeter intrusion detection solutions as an essential part of their overall security strategy. The G-fence addition complements our existing PIDS range, the Geoquip product line, and gives our customers even more choice and flexibility for their perimeter security needs. It has already been used in many high profile installations by Heras in the Netherlands over many years and we have great pleasure in offering it to our clients in the UK.”

The G-Fence range complements Heras’ Geoquip PIDS product range, including Micralert HS analyser which has Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) CAPSS approval, and is the makers add the first and only PIDS on the market to have received this. It is also compatible with other Heras demarcation and entrance control products.

At the Expo, Heras was among the manufacturers taking part in the LPCB Live Testing, that brought to life physical attack testing; and the differences between non-certified products and the varying levels of SR (security rating) certification.


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