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Physical Security

Perimeter detection kit

OPTEX Europe has launched REDFIBER. It’s a new fibre optic fence perimeter detection ‘kit’ that the makers say is to meet the needs of smaller perimeters and smaller budgets.

The kits have been tailored to protect a fenced perimeter made of two zones, measuring up to 100m each (RFB-100) or 200m each (RFB-200), each zone with its own alarm output.

The kits provide the essentials for fences and include the fibre optic detection cable in conduit, stainless steel wire ties to attach it to the fence, and the two zone alarm processing unit (APU). For each package, there is the option to have the standard APU or the PoE compliant version which uses the REDWALL event code for the alarm that is integrated with two video management software companies, Milestone and Genetec.

REDFIBER is also designed to provide the key elements of the fibre optic fence protection and includes the tuning software to be able to complete the installation. You can buy weather proof housing, more wire ties and installation and repair kits separately.

REDFIBER uses fiber-optic technology and algorithms to detect intruders that attempt to penetrate into a site by climbing over, or cutting through the perimeter fence. The technology used can be tuned to rule out nuisance alarms caused by animals, vibrations or weather conditions including wind and rain, the makers add.

Unlike metallic sensors, the fibre-optic sensing cable is not affected by harsh conditions it is claimed including UV radiation, moisture, salt or even chemicals, EMI and lightning strikes.

Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe, says: “Perimeter security systems based on fibre optic technology are no more solely deployed for big critical infrastructure projects they address the needs of a wider number of business and commercial sites.”


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