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New bi-fold gate range

Heras, the perimeter protection product company, has launched a range of bi-fold gates. The makers say that the design allows for fast and continuous operation and traffic flow. The sGate integrates with other Heras perimeter security products.

The sGate range has been developed the firm says to combine the speed of a barrier with the sealing functions of a sliding gate. The gate opens and closes within a matter of seconds, locking to prevent any unauthorised vehicle or pedestrian access. This is delivered by Heras’ patented double driveshaft mechanism, which provides optimal force distribution from drive to gate leaf for a smooth and low wear operation and thus minimal maintenance, the makers say.

Heras is offering three sGate options. A sGate trackless – the standard – is for sites where unrestricted opening is important or when a bottom track is not convenient (as it may be exposed to sand or stones by nature of the application) and where the gate needs to integrate with the fence line. This option is also suitable for very wide passage openings (up to 8m).

Heras is offering two options to meet other organisational requirements. The sGate bottom guided gate is for unrestricted opening heights or where the gate is often used by heavy vehicles. Its full concrete foundation covers the gate opening width; this eliminates the risk of a column being tilted out of position as heavy vehicles pass through which would otherwise cause the gate to not close properly. The gate can also integrate with most fence lines. Finally, the sGate top guided product can be used where there is a specific height restriction, as in an underground car park, or if there is a requirement for the opening to be sealed to prevent intruders climbing over.

The sGate range, made with high strength S355 quality steel, has been tested to meet the latest industry standards and guidelines for powered gates, including safety EN 13241. With its column design providing a stable base, the gate can withstand more extreme weather as it has been accredited to meet windloads of up to 700 N/m2 (windclass 3). Each gate comes with ten safety edges and two detection loops and tubular hinges, which removes any crushing risk at column / leaf point. The gates include two independent sets of photocell detectors each with their own communication channel, making it impossible for them to influence each other, and thereby guaranteeing correct operation. The photocells, if they detect an obstruction, will make the gate stop and hold still. Before the gate starts moving, the control system first checks the status of the safety edges and photocells to ensure there are no faults.

Emile Suerink, Product Category Manager at Heras says: “Building on a huge installed base of automated gates and our extensive in-house knowledge and experience in developing and maintaining gate solutions, introducing the new sGate range further strengthens our end to end perimeter security proposition. Our focus is ensuring extreme reliability and safety for our customers, who are demanding more robust security standards in a world of increasing risk and volatility.”

The sGate comes in a range of heights, infills and free opening width combinations. Other safety devices such as loop detection, traffic lights, flashing lights, sirens or extra photocells, are available. The sGate range integrates with almost any access control product, the company adds.



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