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LED range

Marl International has just released a range of white LED lights, providing the makers say energy savings of 20 per cent to 60pc against conventional lighting. Applications include industrial, office and warehouse internal lighting, security and event floodlighting.



The key feature of the new Marl Bay range is its efficiency of 83-94 lumens/watt from a 110V-277V AC mains supply. For example, the 770 series light generates up to 8,800 lumens from a 94W supply, making it among the most efficient light sources available, it is claimed. Bay Range LED lighting is directional, so that all of the light created illuminates the target area and there are no UV emissions, further enhancing efficiency. Bay range lights are offered with a choice of narrow (23 degree) or wide (50 degree) beam angles. 


Marl Managing Director, Adrian Rawlinson, said: “LED technology has moved forward rapidly even in the last few months, and more efficient light engines allow the creation of much brighter luminaires without excessive heat generation. Marl’s designers have exploited these characteristics to the full, creating a range that makes energy efficient LED lighting a viable option for the most intense illumination applications such as street lighting, flood lighting and even photographic studio lighting as well as more standard interior or exterior industrial and office lighting applications. The new Bay Range is amongst the most energy efficient lighting available for industrial and office premises, and provides an instant, convenient and highly controllable source of light.”  


The first products in the Bay Range to be released are the 770, 771 and 778 series. The 770 series are square units with 2 or 3 LED modules offered in Cool White, Neutral White or Warm White form.  For high bay applications, Marl is offering the 778 series, featuring six LED modules as well as the 771 series for long bay applications. All three offer the same efficiency and operate direct from a standard European or US mains electrical supply. Marl  is offering customers a free lighting survey of their premises by a lighting engineer, who would produce a report detailing the energy savings available by adopting Marl’s technology. Its team is nationwide, and can provide local support on upgrading customer’s lighting installations. For more information, contact:

Marl International Limited, Marl Business Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9BN.

Tel: +44 (0)1229 582430; Fax: +44 (0)1229 585155

Email: [email protected]; website: 


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