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Flat entrance doorsets guide

Three not-for-profit bodies are offering guidance in a new document on flat entrance doorsets. ‘A Guide for Selecting Flat Entrance Doorsets; A publication for housing associations, landlords, building owners and local authorities in England’, relates to new doorsets. It’s by the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation), Secured by Design (SBD) and the Fire Industry Association (FIA).

The publication highlights fire safety and security for those selecting fire doorsets. It makes the point that there is no conflict between fire and security as Building Regulations ADB (fire) and ADQ (security) carry equal weight; neither taking precedence over the other. It explains why only factory produced doorsets can meet ADB and ADQ.

It’s for specifiers, to help them make informed choices. The publication, which can be downloaded from any of the three’s websites, comes in the wake of the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire and in response to the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Governments’ (MHCLG) Implementation Plan – ‘Building a Safer Future’, released at the end of December 2018.

This new guidance recommends that all fire doorsets are factory-prepared (as opposed to prepared on-site), and, audited by a third-party. It is suggested these recommendations will offer greater assurance on door performance and protect occupants, control the spread of fire and enable safer, easier escape in the event of an incident.

DHF’s CEO, Bob Perry says: “We are delighted to have collaborated with SBD and FIA, in sharing our joint expertise on doorsets and fire safety. It seemed a natural partnership to come together and offer guidance on what to look for in a flat entrance doorset, how this relates to the latest advice supplied by Government (MHCLG) and why third-party certification of fire and security doorset manufacture, installation and maintenance is a critical part of the protection against fire ingress and unlawful entry.

“Third party certification of manufacture, installation, maintenance and inspection of fire, smoke and security doors is something DHF has lobbied for tirelessly, as well as issues surrounding poorly or ill-fitting door closers. These form a vital part of fire safety.”

FIA’s CEO, Ian Moore, says: “We are very pleased to work with DHF and Secured by Design in producing a guidance document to assist housing associations, landlords, building owners and local authorities on what to look for in a new flat entrance doorset and why third-party certification of fire doorset manufacture, installation and maintenance is a critical part of fire protection. This underlines the Fire Industry Association’s objective to improve and perfect fire protection work and builds on MHCLG guidance within the Government’s building safety programme. It is worth noting that although this document is specific to England and Wales, it is also useful information for Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

And Chief Operating Officer of Secured by Design, Jon Cole, says: “For many years, we have worked closely with national and local government, manufacturers, trade associations and standards authorities at home and abroad to establish effective security standards in the building and construction industry. We insist on United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited independent, third-party certification to provide product control and to ensure that specification and quality is maintained over time.”

“Third party certification, by suitably qualified bodies, has certainly delivered consistency and quality within the security sector. This is why we have campaigned for flat entrance doorsets to have dual certification, meeting all the relevant requirements for security and fire resistance in a single combined design specification. We believe that certification remains the best and only way to assure that effective quality products are delivered to market, providing additional assurance of performance .”

The document is online at the SBD website:


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