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Physical Security

Adjustment bracket for mag locks

The patent pending SDGi is an adjustment bracket for face applied magnetic locks.

The SDGi has been designed to alleviate all the traditional problems that the installer encounters when fitting a mag lock to an open out timber, steel or aluminium door. Everyone who fits mag locks is aware of these problems, says the inventor Mike Gillespie, and bemoans how awkward they are to fit correctly. He says that the SDGi is a genuine solution that allows infinite adjustment and positioning of the mag lock so that it meets the armature – and with minimal effort and work by the engineer. He claims that makes it simpler, quicker and more efficient to install a mag lock. The bracket comes assembled; all the installer has to do is mount the bracket, fit the mag lock to the sliding plate, line up with the armature, wire up, power up and tighten up. The product includes a cavity and cut out to make cabling easier and more secure. Mike suggests you use the SDGi where the mag lock cannot fit directly under the transom or lintel. As the mag lock is fixed to a sliding plate instead of to a transom or a traditional L bracket, this removes the issue of not being able to line the mag lock up with the armature or putting the fixings into the wrong place. The sliding plate design allows you to adjust the position of the magnet at any point of the installation, even after commissioning. Or, the mag locks can be fixed to the sliding plate before you go to site so that all the installer has to do is fix the SDGi bracket in the normal way, bolt the armature through the door and then slide the plate into position and tighten up, pictured. A mag lock is not supplied, and Mike points out that it’s essential that the mag lock manufacturer’s fitting details are still observed.

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