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Windows 8?

It has now been six months since Microsoft launched their new operating system, Windows 8. Microsoft states that their transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is their biggest up to date. The major changes in the operating system have put many people in doubt of whether they should invest in Windows 8. Janus Nielsen from the security company took a look at Microsoft’s new operating system and identified the pros and cons with Windows 8, which might influence your purchase decision.

What is Windows 8?
Microsoft´s new operating system Windows 8 is inspired by the popularity which tablets and smartphones have undergone the recent years. Old operating programs in the system have been replaced by Apps and a better touch-technology has been implemented to ease the navigation experience for Windows 8.
New features
– Touch-feature: Even though Windows 7 already had it, the new operating system has taken the touch-feature to the next level. The touch-feature allows the user to quickly and easily move around his documents and programs, as well as zooming in and out on the screen.
– Surface: The new surface is a combination between a PC and a tablet. The Start Menu in Windows 8 is the same as the Start Screen on Windows Phone. All programs in the operating system has been replaced by Apps you can download in Windows Store, and all commands are likewise been replaced by the touch-technology we already know from tablets and smartphones.
– Charms: ‘Windows 8 Charms’ is a totally new and different feature to Windows. Charms is a small menu which appears if you mouse through the right side of the screen on your computer or drag out with your fingers on your tablet. The menu includes essential functions as; Access Start Screen, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. For example, the Search Charm can be used to search through not only the internet, but also through all your Apps.
– Multiple Screens: Windows 8 have improved the ability to use multiple screens. The new operating system gives you the possibility to have your Start Screen running on one screen, and your Desktop on the other. Other features allows you to use different backgrounds on the screens, and also gives you the possibility to split your screen into two screens, so you for example can have your work-related tasks on one side of the screen and your private encounters on the other side of the screen.
– Windows Store: While Windows Store is not a new feature, it is now more essential for the operating system than ever before. Windows store gives you the possibility to download all kinds of free and paid Apps. Furthermore, you can straightforward and easily download updates for the Apps you have installed on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

– Fastest Windows ever: Windows 8 is the fastest operating system from Microsoft up to date. Not only does it boot fast, the general speed of the system is fast as well.
– Better memory management: The new operating system has a better memory management. The Apps leaves fewer traces on your computer, which results in lower memory usage.
– Better battery life: The battery life is extended with Windows 8. The operating system suspends Apps and programs on the desktop while the PC is at sleep.
– Device support: Windows 8 gives you a better opportunity to use multiple screens. Furthermore, it has USB 3.0 implemented directly into the system.
– Windows Store: Windows Store allows to you easily and quickly download new and update existing Apps to your PC, tablet or smartphone.
– Price: If you are already using Windows 7, XP or Vista, you have the opportunity to upgrade your version to Windows 8 for the small amount of 39.99 USD.
– Future: Windows 8 has all the possibilities to become the preferred operating system of the future. Most likely more and more programs in the future would be built specially for this kind of platform.

– Start Screen and Menu: The “Metro” Start Screen for Windows 8 cannot be changed back to the original Start Screen. Furthermore, the Start Menu has also disappeared from the Desktop.
– Not for everyone: Not all CPU’s can run the new Windows 8. Especially CPU’s smaller than 1GHz are at risk.
– No essential changes: Apart from the touch-feature and the new surface, Windows 8 does not really offer you any major improvements from the previous version of the operating system.
– Bad security: A recent test of the operating system shows that Windows 8 allows 15 out of the 100 most common malware-programs to slip through. Therefore, it is a necessity to have an alternative safety solution installed and running on your PC. Be sure though not to have two antivirus programs running simultaneously, as they can conflict with each other.


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