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VPN lock and key

Finnish company TOSIBOX offers a ‘plug and play’ ‘lock and key’ product suite that allows a secure and encrypted VPN (virtual private network) tunnel to be set up.

For more than a decade VPNs have been the prevalent solution for secure remote network connections, but to this date no company has done it correctly, according to TOSIBOX. VPNs require detailed understanding of network security issues and careful installation and configuration to ensure security. A VPN’s reliability and performance relies on an ISP (internet service provider) and its quality of service, and compatibility issues abound. For all but the most technically proficient SMBs, VPN’s has been as much a pain as a saving grace, the firm suggests; until now. The product is described as the first configureless plug-and-play, multi-factor, physical VPN connection appliance based on concept of ‘key and lock’. Designed and made in Finland, the company touts it as the easiest VPN solution on the market, claiming it’s easiest to connect, to secure, to use and to scale; without monthly fees.

This is aimed at small to medium sized businesses but for enterprises it offers bank-level security and enterprise grade scalability. The makers say that the product eliminates the needs for static Internet Protocol and public addresses at remote offices and other subsidiary sites. It can control remote technology implementations for stand-alone deployments of PLCs (programmable controllers), displays, industrial machines, cameras and more.

The company says that it’s seeing the fastest adoption in machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments in the manufacturing and security sectors.

According to the company, demand is growing in all industries and situations where a secure, easy, and reliable remote connection is needed. You can contact a TOSIBOX sales representative at


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