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Johnson Controls has introduced the latest version of exacqVision video management system (v8.8). The developers say it provides tools for situation awareness and control for administrators and users. Users can now embed a web page as a panel within the exacqVision client to get important information. This could be used to display news headlines, or for connecting to web-enabled security or other systems.

Event links can be displayed as an association which will appear on top of the live video feed. The product firm says this feature for associating access control or intrusion breaches is also for applications such as retail, where metal/foil detectors are now being deployed to detect foil-lined bags, as used by shoplifters. Once the serial data profile is set up from the metal detector, whenever a foil-lined bag is detected, an alert will trigger and automatically appear on top of the corresponding live video.

This latest release also adds controls for administrators looking to more strictly manage how and when users can access the VMS. Expiring inactive accounts, automatically unlocking accounts, and assigning temporary guest accounts are among new features that give system administrators visibility over system access.

exacqVision v8.8 has also introduced the hover feature for identifying where cameras are located (such as lobby or car park). This is achieved by displaying a preview image of a camera’s live feed when a user hovers over that camera’s name in the user interface.

As for camera configuration, for projects requiring dozens or hundreds of cameras across multiple servers, adding each camera one at a time can be tedious and time-consuming. With this latest release, multiple IP cameras can be imported to several servers at one time via a CSV file, which includes the cameras’ IP addresses, user names and passwords. Visit


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