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Transmission release

Network Video Technologies (NVT), has released a new Ethernet over 2-Wire transmission device. Designed to deliver 10/100/PoE Ethernet over UTP, STP, or 18/2 wire, the product supports IP-based video, intercom, access control, or other Ethernet application. 



A compact media converter, the NV-EC1701U Ethernet over 2-Wire Eo2 transceiver allows 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and PoE power to be transmitted up to 305m (1,000ft), using new or existing 2-Wire cable. One of these transceivers at the network-end can support up to four remote Eo2 transceivers and their connected IP network devices. The makers describe their products as network transparent (with no PC configuration required). It features 128-bit AES encrypted transmission and built-in transient protection. Camera loads of up to 45 watts are supported, with 48VDC class 2 power at one transceiver being delivered through the cable to up to four remote transceivers, and their IP/PoE cameras (or other devices).


Steve Proctor, NVT’s Sales Director, says: “Installers, specifiers and end-users now have a cost-effective opportunity to deploy IP cameras over new or legacy 2-Wire cable, at distances and power levels well above that achievable with traditional PoE. The new NVT Eo2 TM device’s advanced Ethernet transmission and power technology provides ultra-robust, full-duplex connectivity for all IP cameras, including megapixel models, affording an easy transition to IP.” 


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