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The GeViStore-IP/16Bay-2P is Geutebruck’s latest redundant dual-processor storage server system for IP applications requiring high performance and high survivability.  This is described by the German manufacturers as a complete solution designed to meet high end video security requirements in stand-alone and networked applications.


Applications include airports, prisons, power plants, pharmaceutical companies and casinos.  

The GeViStore-IP is the makers claim powerful and failure resistant.  It has two Xeon processors, a redundant power supply and integral hot-swap level 6 RAID for up to 16 HDDs and video databases of up to 32 TBytes.  It records 800 images per second and streams 800 images per second simultaneously.  It has virtual matrix functionality for IP cameras using all the common compression processes and formats, both standard CCD and megapixel.  It supports video content analysis and processes up to 1600 pictures per second for display on a separate display computer in full D1 resolution. The product runs Geutebruck’s GeViScope video management system on the latest server hardware components under the 64Bit operating system Windows Server 2008 R2  Meanwhile its compact dimensions (3HU/19-inch rack) demonstrate the efficient use of hardware, space and energy which also keep operating costs small.

The GeViStore-IP/16Bay-2P has a hardware monitoring function for diagnosis of any irregularities.  And besides two 1GBit Ethernet ports, it also has a special administration network port which allows remote server management to BIOS level through a standard web browser, so that problems can get attention without travel costs and delays.  A lockable front panel provides protection against unauthorised tampering.

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