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Smart detection

Dahua Technology, the Chinese manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products based in Hangzhou, has launched Ultra-Smart network camera series — DH-IPC-8000-series — offering 3-Megapixel in diverse designs and shapes, featuring ultra codec and smart detection.

Ultra codec includes Region of Interest (ROI), corridor mode, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Scalable Video Coding (SVC). ROI allows cameras to enhance image quality of region of interest by decreasing non-ROI’s image quality to acquire more computing power and bandwidth. Corridor mode, also known as rotate mode, adjusts horizontal scene to vertical, saving cost to a great extent as in conventional hallway scenario, which is long and narrow, it usually takes a few cameras to cover monitoring area and thus can waste money.

EIS can provide clear images without blur caused by shaky camera while SVC saves bandwidth and better allocate network resources by working with NVRs, a maximum of three-quarters extra storage space and extra storage time could be saved in terms of video storage.

The series supports intelligent analytics such as tripwire, intrusion detection, abandoned/missing, scene change, defocus, facial detection and audio detection, so users can automatically detect under rule-making and trigger alarms.

The first released models are HF8301E, HFW8301E and HDBW8301 in shapes of box, IR-bullet and dome. The series supports a maximum of 25/30 frames per second at 3MP encoding and features in triple-stream codecs, enabling customised configuration on codec, frame rate and bitrate depending on various purposes. Dual streaming can process 108oP resolution while the third stream allows flexible usage, such as live view on mobile devices.

James Wang, Overseas Product Director at Dahua Technology, said: “Embracing intelligent functions is one of the main trends in industry. With the rapid development of the Internet and cloud technology, video surveillance will further integrate one another and Ultra-Smart Series features new intelligent functions to provide better performance, more effective and smart user’s experience.” Visit


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