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S2 Magic Monitor

S2 Security, the US-based in IP-based access control, video management and mobile security management systems, has released Version 2 of S2 Magic Monitor. The developers describe it as a dynamic digital canvas that displays video, text, signage and media – anywhere across the site. Version 2 refines the user experience with new features the company adds.

John L Moss, CEO, S2 Security, said: “With its range of applications, beautiful visual interface, and ability to react to events and user commands, Magic Monitor is redefining video display. In any application where you use a video monitor, Magic Monitor will do the job better.”

Version 2 new features include:

Instant Replay: Play back video from a live video stream
Live Snapshot: Take a picture snapshot from a live video stream
Multi-Screen Management: Open a Magic Monitor digital canvas on multiple monitors connected to the same computer
Digital Zoom: Zoom in for the details on a live or recorded video stream

Whether in an operations center, in public areas, at the front desk, or in the field, S2 Magic Monitor delivers the visual information needed for virtually any situation, according to the firm. Visit


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