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Retail store sound system

Axis Communications, the network video product company, has entered the retail store sound system market.

Håkan Hansson, Global Product Manager Audio at Axis, says: “Traditional retail store sound systems typically consist of a number of different analog components and specific audio knowledge is required to be able to properly install and fine tune these systems. These new products are a complete audio system and you do not need any audio knowledge or extra hardware to use them. They are pre-configured for use right out-of-the-box.”

The all-in-one speaker system offers amplifier, mixer, digital signal processor, streaming, microphone, power supply and loudspeaker. Using Power over Ethernet (PoE), only a single network cable is needed to provide power and data to each unit. A user can address and control each unit, or make a unified command for several units. By creating zones to address a number of loudspeakers it is possible to direct background music, live or pre-recorded announcements or control and change the volume for each unit individually and parallel.

Hansson adds: “We have driven the change from analog to digital in the video surveillance market making systems smart, open and secure. We are now bringing this same approach to audio. For a retail store, these sound systems can not only simplify the management of announcements and background music, but also contribute to uniform atmosphere and service in different store locations.”

The C1004-E and C2005 (pictured in ceiling) loudspeakers offer background music playback and clear speech announcements. Background music can be played via the pre-installed AXIS Audio Player application. You can create and schedule your own MP3 playlists from the speakers offline playlist (SD card) or from audio streaming services. Announcements can be scheduled from pre-recorded audio files or triggered by an event captured by a surveillance camera. The speakers come with built in SIP-support for integrating them with Voice over IP telephone systems, for example for live voice announcements.

The C1004-E is splash proof and comes in black and white.


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