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Prize for Spanish project

Eagle Eye Networks (EEN), the cloud video surveillance provider, and Aryse Infraestructuras, a security and communications reseller based in Madrid, have won the 2021 Spain Security Forum Award for a project in the Spanish city of Elche.

Working with Aryse Infraestructuras, the security project made better use of the city’s limited staff resources. Aryse re-used cameras from different manufacturers in an EEN cloud-based video surveillance system, and in doing so, turned disparate components into a security system. Managing security incidents using complex IT systems had been a challenge for the city’s IT staff. When the pandemic hit, city employees began working at home, and it became clear many of the systems could not be managed remotely.

City officials decided to update their video surveillance system, seeking: city-wide security camera visibility; remote access to video; notifications and alerts of security incidents; and images shared with police and other city departments. EEN’s Cloud Video Management System (VMS) could repurpose the city’s existing cameras – even though they were from different manufacturers; storage retention requirements were met; and, different camera resolutions (depending on the camera and location) were set up. In all, this project involved moving 100 cameras to the cloud.

In the next five years, the city plans to expand the system, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate incidents. The city will use parking and traffic flow data from the system for city planning and infrastructure improvement. Planned are direct integrations with the police and fire department for incident response.

Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director, Eagle Eye Networks EMEA, said that more cities and businesses are finding cloud ‘a truly great fit’; and that in addition to creating a security and business intelligence tool, cloud video surveillance can lower the cost and complexity and reduce the number of workers needed to maintain security systems.

Lodhia said: “Knowledgeable partners, such as Aryse Infraestructuras, who understand the power of cloud video surveillance and have a great understanding of their customers can really make a difference in communities like Elche.”

And Raquel Perez of Aryse Infraestructuras said: “By collaborating with Eagle Eye Networks, we were able to offer the City of Elche a better and more advanced solution to store the video in the cloud. The fact that existing cameras could be used was a convincing factor – it minimised the investment and maximised the benefit.”

Photo: Accepting the award from left, Luis Sancha and Raquel Perez from Aryse, and Carlos Angeles of Eagle Eye Networks. Visit


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