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ONVIF hails 10,000 milestone

ONVIF, the US-based standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, has passed 10,000 conformant products that meet its interoperability standards.

ONVIF has reached its 10th year as a standards body, providing interoperability specifications for IP-based physical security products. The Profiles offered by ONVIF address video surveillance and access control and are growing more applicable it claims in Safe City initiatives, IoT applications and intelligent building automation.

Per Björkdahl, chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee, pictured, said: “With more than 10,000 conformant products in its 10th year, the acceptance for ONVIF in the market has grown in a way that no one could have anticipated. This number represents not only the success of ONVIF, but how our member companies, many of whom are competitors, have collaborated to provide solutions that are relevant and needed in the market. This is a strong testament to the importance of standards in our rapidly evolving marketplace.”

In the past two years, ONVIF reports a dramatic increase in new conformant products. The numbers reflect the increasing demand for open source standards in the market, ONVIF adds.

ONVIF conformant products are produced only by ONVIF member companies and must support at least one ONVIF Profile. Products must be registered under the ONVIF list of conformant products to be considered conformant. The Conformant Products page on the ONVIF website,, is the only authoritative list of ONVIF conformant products. Profile S is for streaming video; Profile G for recording and storage; Profile C for physical access control; Profile Q for improved out-of-the-box functionality, Profile A for broader access control configuration and the Profile T Release Candidate for streaming. Visit:


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